Backyard Media is the bridge between podcasts and advertisers.

We connect high quality podcasts with advertisers looking to target loyal, valuable, and engaged audiences. What makes Backyard Media different?

  1. High quality inventory: Unlike our competitors, we vet every single podcast that comes through our door, and ensure we’re only working with the best.

  2. Opportunity for targeted advertising: We work with traditional podcast advertisers, but also sponsors looking to reach highly targeted audiences. Ask us for info about podcasts that reach law, foreign policy, investment, or software professionals.
  3. Creator-first: Our mission to help create a strong, more robust media ecosystem. We believe that starts with identifying great creators and connecting them with the resources they need to do what they already do—but better.

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Why podcast advertising?

  1. Highly engaged listeners. 61% of listeners report buying a product after a podcast ad, and unaided brand awareness increases from 6% to 62% after podcast ads.

  2. Successful audiences. Podcast audiences are well-educated and well-paid. The median income of podcast listeners is $63,000, and 51% of listeners have a 4 year degree or higher.
  3. Influencer marketing at its best. Our hosts have a close relationship with their listeners and give their own special touch to every ad. That's what makes podcast advertising the most effective digital advertising tool out there - the perfect way to take user acquisition to the next level. 



Median Income of Podcast Listeners

41 percent.png

Podcast Listeners Earning $75K or Higher

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 6.09.45 PM.png

Listeners Who Consume at Least One Podcast Every Week


Podcast Listeners With a Four Year Degree or Higher


61% of Listeners Report Buying Product After Podcast Ad

96% of Subscribers Listen to All or Most Episodes of a Show

62% Unaided Brand Awareness After Podcast Ads

Backyard Media is the easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective way to get started with podcast advertising.

  • Easiest: Our team is high-touch. Reach out to let us know you’re interested and what your needs are, and let us help you identify the best shows and audience for your goals and budget.
  • Quickest: Go from first-contact to first ad-roll within two weeks.
  • Cost-effective: We’ll help you find the shows and craft the campaign that fits your budget. Get started for as low as a couple hundred dollars, or deploy six figures. Whatever you need, we can make it happen.

We shop your company around with our podcast inventory and find new podcasts that might be interested in working with you.

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Interested in getting sponsors but not sure where to start? Let us help you.

  1. Read our blog to brush up on industry lingo and the basics of podcast advertising. 
  2. Talk to one of our industry professionals.
  3. Get started within a week. Once we onboard your show, we’ll start reaching out to sponsors on your behalf immediately.

These are some of the podcasts we've worked with. To be the next one, get in touch with us here.


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