Episode 3: Who are the incumbents?

Who are the six incumbents running to keep their seats on City Council? We profile each of them, from the one-term former community organizer all the way to the City Councillor who’s served for 27 years. We ask these candidates about their backgrounds, why they ran in the first place, what they’ve accomplished, and which issues they want to continue working on if re-elected this November.

Special thanks to the following candidates who spoke to us for this episode (in order of appearance):

Jan Devereux http://jandevereux.com/ 

Dennis Carlone http://www.denniscarlone.org/

Mark McGovern http://www.marcmcgovern.com/

Craig Kelly http://www.craigkelley.org/

Denise Simmons http://www.denisesimmons.com/

Tim Toomey http://timtoomey.org/

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