Episode 5: Who are the upstarts?

In Episode 5, we finish our profiles of the candidates running for City Council by discussing the "upstarts" - candidates who were motivated to jump into local politics recently, most of them after the 2016 presidential election. They range from a 19-year-old Harvard student to the owner of a repertory theater to a Mississippi-raised Indian-American who's made Cambridge his home. Take a listen and learn about their backgrounds, what issues they're passionate about, and why they believe they would accomplish on City Council if elected.

Here are some nonpartisan guides for understanding the 26 City Council candidates, including the six profiled in this episode:

Cambridge.vote's City Council Candidate Guide: http://www.cambridgecouncilcandidates.com/

Cambridge Civic's Candidate Guide: http://vote.cambridgecivic.com/

A big thank you to the six candidates who spoke to us for this episode (in order of interview appearance):

Nadya Okamoto https://www.votenadya.com/

Olivia D'Ambrosio http://www.vote-o.com/

Bryan Sutton http://www.bryansutton.org/

Adriane Musgrave https://www.voteadriane.com/

Gwen Volmar http://www.votegwen.org

Hari Pillai www.cambridge2017.city 

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