Episode 6: The Review Session: What do I need to know before I vote?

If you want to understand the 2017 Cambridge City Council election and you only have time to listen to one episode of Backyard Cambridge, make sure it's this one.

In our final episode before the election on Tuesday, November 7th, we do a recap of everything you need to know: what Election Night looks like, the pressing issues of affordable housing and campaign finance, a reminder of who the candidates are and how we've categorized them (including blurbs from each of their interviews), what the job of city councilor actually entails, and how the ranked choice voting system works. We also mention the seven candidates we weren't able to interview for this podcast.

Want to do more research about the candidates? Here are two nonpartisan guides for understanding all 26 City Council candidates:

Cambridge.vote's City Council Candidate Guide: https://www.cambridgecouncilcandidates.com/candidates/

Cambridge Civic Journal's Candidate Guide: http://vote.cambridgecivic.com/

Robert Winters' Cambridge Civic Journal is also a great resource for local political news: http://www.rwinters.com/

Here also are the two civic organizations we spoke to for this series that are excellent resources for understanding Cambridge politics:

A Better Cambridge (Representative: Jesse Kanson-Benanav)  http://www.abettercambridge.org/

Cambridge Residents Alliance (Representative: Nancy Ryan) http://www.cambridgeresidentsalliance.org/


City Council candidates, in order of interview appearance:

The incumbents (Episode 3)

Jan Devereux http://jandevereux.com/ 

Dennis Carlone http://www.denniscarlone.org/

Mark McGovern http://www.marcmcgovern.com/

Craig Kelley http://www.craigkelley.org/

Denise Simmons http://www.denisesimmons.com/

Tim Toomey http://timtoomey.org/


The new generation (Episode 4)

Sean Tierney http://www.seantierney.org/

Vatsady Sivongxay http://www.vatsady.com/

Josh Burgin http://www.joshburgin.com/

Quinton Zondervan http://www.votequinton.com/

Paul Toner http://www.tonerforcambridge.com/

Sumbul Siddiqui http://www.votesumbul.com/

Sam Gebru http://gebruforcambridge.com/


The upstarts (Episode 5)

Nadya Okamoto https://www.votenadya.com/

Olivia D'Ambrosio http://www.vote-o.com/

Bryan Sutton http://www.bryansutton.org/

Adriane Musgrave https://www.voteadriane.com/

Gwen Volmar http://www.votegwen.org

Hari Pillai www.cambridge2017.city 


Candidates we didn't interview for this podcast:

Ron Benjamin http://vote.cambridgecivic.com/benjamin.htm

Richard Harding http://www.voteharding.org

Dan Lenke https://www.danlenke.com/

Ilan Levy http://vote.cambridgecivic.com/levy.htm

Alanna Mallon https://alannamallon.org/

Gregg Moree http://www.greggmoree.com/

Jeff Santos http://santosforcitycouncil.com/


As always, a very special thanks to the Lenfest Institute for its support of Backyard Cambridge and other innovations in local journalism. Find out more at www.lenfestinstitute.org

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