S2 Episode 1: Why is it so hard to create universal access to Pre-K in Cambridge?

Backyard Cambridge is back! In Season 2, we spend each episode taking a close looking an issue that's affecting the lives of the people living in Cambridge. First up is the topic of universal pre-Kindergarten. Specifically, what's holding back adoption of universal pre-K in the city? And why is it important that everyone, even Cantabrigians without children, care about this issue?

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This is a complex issue, so if you'd like to learn more about the topic, here are some places to start:

Cambridge Public Schools' website

The Cambridge School Committee

Report by the Cambridge Early Childhood Task Force 

"Early childhood education sees some gains as city aims to set approach with third study", Cambridge Day article by Jean Cummings

"Early childhood education in Cambridge: We can do it -- in fact, by September 2020", Cambridge Day op-ed by Emily Dexter and Jan Devereux

QRIS (pre-K rating system) resource guide

Information for Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Lottery (see the "lottery booklet" PDF link on the right side)

Find It Cambridge for pre-K options

The Family Resource Center

Cambridge Public Schools' "Schools at a Glance"

"The Most Important Year" by Suzanne Bouffard

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