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Episode 6: The Review Session: What do I need to know before I vote?

If you want to understand the 2017 Cambridge City Council election and you only have time to listen to one episode of Backyard Cambridge, make sure it's this one.

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Episode 5: Who are the upstarts?

A 19-year-old Harvard student, an owner of a local theater company, an Indian-American transplant from Mississippi. In Episode 5, we discuss the “upstarts” - six City Council candidates who got motivated to jump into local politics recently, most of them after the 2016 presidential election.

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Episode 4: Who are the new generation?

This episode Backyard Cambridge looks at what we've dubbed "the new generation" - seven candidates who are somewhat younger, but who have experience in policy or politics or advocacy. They're looking to take the next step in their political careers and make an impact, and Cambridge City Council is where they hope to do it.

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