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Need Your True Crime Fix? Here are 5 of the Best True Crime Podcasts

There’s something about true crime stories that never fail to completely capture our attention. The history of true crime podcasts is long and storied, and some of the best known podcasts are in the true crime genre (Serial, anyone?). Maybe it’s the fact that the days of the crimes seem so mundane and ordinary, but ended up being life altering. And, of course, the fact that some of these cases remain unsolved leaves you on edge, but always coming back for more. True crime appeals to everyone, thanks to talented podcast creators that remain dedicated to both storytelling and thorough research. There’s so many to choose from, that it can get overwhelming. Just in time for October, keep reading to discover the top 5 true crime podcasts you’ve been missing in your life.

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Need More News? Here are the 7 Best Tech News Podcasts in 2018

The world continues to become more dependent on technology, with even the simplest products becoming smarter and more data-centric. Most of us interact with technology every hour of every day. The biggest advances, though, are often in fields consumers don't see. More and more podcasts have debuted to discuss developments in the fields of machine learning, big data, and more, and to explain what the implications are for industry professionals and tech consumers. So what are the best tech news podcasts in 2018? Let’s take a look.

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