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What's happening in this podcast ad I'm hearing?

Today we're talking about podcast ads. We've talked about them a lot, but what does a great podcast ad actually sound like? What should sponsors expect their ads will sound like, and how can they help out podcast hosts by providing good ad scripts? The best way to start to answer these questions is by listening to actual podcast ads. So, today we're looking at some recent examples of ads that we've run on episodes of our Backyard Media podcast partners.

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Here's How Fast the Podcast Industry is Growing

Just how fast is the podcast industry growing? One study from 2017 from the IAB attempted to answer this question in more detail than ever before. We identify some of the study's most important findings for companies looking to get into podcast advertising.

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Here's Every Type of Podcast Format in 2017

For sponsors new to the podcasting space, the amount of information about the industry can be overwhelming. What kind of podcasts are out there, how is their content structured, and what do they sound like? We take a look at the five most common podcast formats in 2017, and explain what potential podcast sponsors need to know about each of them.

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