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Need More News? Here are the 7 Best Tech News Podcasts in 2018

The world continues to become more dependent on technology, with even the simplest products becoming smarter and more data-centric. Most of us interact with technology every hour of every day. The biggest advances, though, are often in fields consumers don't see. More and more podcasts have debuted to discuss developments in the fields of machine learning, big data, and more, and to explain what the implications are for industry professionals and tech consumers. So what are the best tech news podcasts in 2018? Let’s take a look.

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Where Should I Put My Money? The 5 Best Investing Podcasts in 2018

Podcasts have taken over the world of investing and finance. We know that podcast listeners are tech-savvy and like learning new things, so it makes sense that a whole host of podcasts around investing and managing money better have cropped up. These shows feature experts discuss how to approach investing better, manage your money, and find new investing opportunities. Just like in our discussion of national security and foreign policy podcasts from last week, podcast sponsors should know about the best investing podcasts out there right now. So, in no particular order, here are the best investing podcasts in 2018.

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What does it mean to be a podcast content leader?

Of the hundreds of thousands of published podcasts, we usually only hear about a few dozen big studio names. Podcasts from private studios like Gimlet Media or public radio stalwarts like This American Life may have millions of listeners, but the is a whole ecosystem of podcasts out there. Podcast content leaders are one such type of podcast. While they might not be on iTunes' Top 10 Charts, they have substantial, often very valuable audiences. In this post, we talk about what podcast content leaders are, why they're valuable, and what podcast sponsors need to know about them.

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