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When Will Dynamic Ad Insertion Take Over Podcasting?

Dynamic ad insertion has been gaining steam in the podcast industry since early 2016. But what exactly is this technology, and what are the implications of its use in the podcast industry, for publishers and advertisers? We explore what dynamic ad insertion technology is, how much of the industry is using it, and what sponsors need to know about the technology when it comes to their ad campaigns.

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Here's How Fast the Podcast Industry is Growing

Just how fast is the podcast industry growing? One study from 2017 from the IAB attempted to answer this question in more detail than ever before. We identify some of the study's most important findings for companies looking to get into podcast advertising.

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Why Podcast Advertising Revenue Will Hit $500 Million in 2020

Projections from data company Bridge Ratings' Podcasting Audit Study show us that podcast advertising has grown immensely since just 2014, and that it continues to beat expectations. We look at what the company's projections for podcast advertising through the next few years look like, and what's driving the numbers.

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