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What Do We Know About Podcast Listeners in 2018?

Last week saw a big event for some of us in the podcast industry. March 8th, 2018 was the official release of The Infinite Dial 2018. Conducted by Edison Research, it's the longest-running study of digital media consumption and of listener behavior. The Infinite Dial has a considerable portion of podcast-specific data, so let's take a look at it now. We spoke about last year's Infinite Dial in our post "What we know about podcast listeners", so let's update that data and see what trends we can draw from it.

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What does smart speaker technology mean for the future of podcasting?

Voice-activated speaker technology is becoming ubiquitous in our homes. This new technology category poses an interesting question for podcasters and podcast sponsors: as smart speakers become more dominant, how will podcast technology integrate with the platform? And how will audiences change their listening behavior? We take a look at what we know about voice-activated speaker technology and where we think it's headed.

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How Podcast Ads Improve Brand Lift

We take a look at new research into the effect of podcast ads on listeners' brand recall, brand perceptions, and other important metrics, and explain what podcast advertisers should take away for their marketing campaigns.

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