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Podcasting Has a Discovery Problem. How Can We Fix It?

Podcasts, while growing at historic rates for the past few years, still have issues with discovery. That is, people want to listen to more podcasts, but finding new podcasts is still not as intuitive as finding a video online or discovering new music. When you speak with podcast listeners, they often mention the same shows from Apple Podcasts' Top 100 Charts - Serial, Missing Richard Simmons, Reply All, This American Life. Why is it so hard to find the great podcast content we know is out there? What technologies are companies developing that might solve this problem? And what benefits are to there to be had, for both podcasters and advertisers, in solving this problem?

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What does smart speaker technology mean for the future of podcasting?

Voice-activated speaker technology is becoming ubiquitous in our homes. This new technology category poses an interesting question for podcasters and podcast sponsors: as smart speakers become more dominant, how will podcast technology integrate with the platform? And how will audiences change their listening behavior? We take a look at what we know about voice-activated speaker technology and where we think it's headed.

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