Let's put your podcast on payroll.

Backyard Media believes in supporting content creators who are introducing the world to a broader array of perspectives, more nuanced discussions, and better-told stories. That’s why we’re kicking off the Creators Get Paid program, where quality podcasts can earn a consistent, reliable paycheck for their work. 

Why do this?

  • We believe in compensating great content creators for their work, pure and simple. Building a stronger media environment is at the heart of our mission, and that starts with supporting high quality content. 
  • We want content creators to focus on what you do best. Through conversations with hundreds of podcasters, we've learned that you'd rather spend your time crafting stories and interviews--not reaching out to advertisers. 
  • We can create more value by working together. It's really hard to negotiate deals and generate growth on a one-off basis. But, if we leverage the power, reach, and voices of hundreds of small-scale content creators, it becomes a lot easier to monetize and reach new potential listeners. We both benefit.

How it works: Apply below to be included in our 6-month pilot program. We’ll reach out to discuss details, and if you qualify for the program, we’ll start sending you a monthly check once the program kicks and work with you to figure out how many and what types of ads make the most sense for your show. The size of your paycheck will depend on the reach and release schedule of your show. You’re only locked in for 6 months, so you’re free to revisit the partnership down the line if things aren’t going well.




Ready to get started? Great. Fill out the below form, and we'll reach out with more details. 

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