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Backyard Media introduces Creators Get Paid:

Let us put your podcast on a payroll.


Backyard Media believes in supporting content creators who are introducing the world to a broader array of perspectives, more nuanced discussions, and better-told stories. That’s why we’re kicking off the Creators Get Paid program, where quality podcasts can earn a consistent, reliable paycheck for their work. Our team will pitch your podcast to sponsors, prearrange a number of ad spots for each episode, and send you a monthly check. What happens if we don’t successfully place an ad in your show? You still get paid. We assume the risk.


We believe in compensating great content creators for their work, pure and simple.


Why Creators get paid?

We put creators first. Always.

Through conversations with hundreds of podcasters, we found that, for most content creators, spending time getting sponsorships and advertisers just got in the way. We'll give you that time back, so that you can focus on what you do best, creating high quality content. Additionally, building a strong, diverse media environment is the heart of our mission. We believe that we can leverage the power of hundreds of small content creators to foster more and better sponsorship deals, and to target more potential listeners. We think we can at least double the value of each podcast under our umbrella--count it as a win for you and for us!

How does Creators Get Paid work?


  • A paycheck you can count on: We’ll guarantee you a monthly paycheck for the 6-month period of this pilot. The amount that each creator receives will vary based on your audience type and size.

  • Incentives to sweeten the deal: Earn $100 every time a new sponsor decides to do a test run on your show show. Earn $100 every time a sponsor decides to renew their run on your show. And, earn money every time a product sale can be traced back to a promo code that you read.

  • Re-up every 6 months: We want your show to grow, and we want to reward you for it! That’s why we’ll look at how your audience has grown every 6 months and create a new contract where your monthly paycheck grows commensurately with your listenership base.

What We Require

  • Consistent release schedule: If you miss 2 predicted dates within 2 months, you’ll be removed from the contract.

  • Exclusivity: No one else is placing ads on your show besides BYM.

  • Structured ads: All ads must by host-read and remain in the show throughout your relationship with BYM, plus three months.

  • Transparency: You’re signed up for a Podtrac account and share login info with us.

  • Defined ad slots:

    • For shows less than 25 minutes: 1 preroll and 1 midroll spot

    • For shows more than 25 minutes: 1 preroll, 2 midroll spots.

    • For shows more than 55 minutes: 2 preroll, 3 midroll spots.


What do you look for in potential partners?

We’ve included the following guidelines to give you a rough sense of the types of shows that we look for, but we invite all shows to apply even if you don’t quite fit into the below parameters. The beauty of podcasting is that there’s so much variety in content and tons of value to be created. So, if you’re not sure, apply anyway!

  1. Regular episodes: A consistent release schedule that you’ve stuck with for at least 3 months. It’s best if you release at least twice a month.

  2. Wide reach: At least 20,000 downloads an episode consistently.

  3. A clear reason for being: whether you’re a talk show that’s deep in the weeds of legal theory or a general interest narrative show, your style and purpose is clear, and your listeners know what they’re getting when they tune in.


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