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[ Who is this for? ]

If you’re in podcasting, Creator Collective is for you. Here’s how we might be able to help you, depending on where you are:

  • I run a podcast with a small-to-medium size listenership, and loyal audience: Congrats! We’re here to help you build on that success and make engaging and monetizing your listener base seamless. In addition to putting you in touch with other podcasters who you ask questions, hit up for editing help, and cross-promote with, our tools make it easy to put a simple link in your show notes that you can use to paywall premium content on a subscription or one-time basis. You can use your own branding and terms (no more worrying about directing people to Patreon). We can also run and analyze your listener survey, automatically send out an email to your listeners when you post a new show, and set up live shows and your merchandise shop for you once you get to that point.

  • I’m an indie podcaster, looking to build a career in the industry: Exciting! We’re here to help you showcase your best work, learn from industry veterans, and get discovered by people looking for talented folks like you who want someone young and scrappy to help them with everything from editing to doing a tape sync. You’ll also get access to all the latest industry data, so you can stay up on what’s going on.

  • I run a podcasting network or studio, and I hate dealing with all the operational nitty gritty: Oh, we’re here for you. Use us to figure out the latest advertising and freelancing rates, find last-minute talent for tape syncs and transcriptions, get discovered by advertisers and draft up IOs/invoices (stop wasting time on outbound cold emails), and manage your merchandise store and live shows. Heck, we’ll even make you an app if that’s what you want.

[ Features ]


Join a community, get educated


Get discovered and find collaborators

  • Build a creator profile to showcase your work and invite other creators to recommend you

  • Find help with your latest project, whether it’s a tape sync, hosts to cross-promote your show, or an editing and transcription help

Learn from the best, organize, grow together

  • Ask questions on a searchable web forum about everything from recording calls to tips on conducting interviews

  • Find other hosts to partner with - whether it’s rooming for Third Coast or sharing audio

Data, finally.

  • We’ll run a best-in-class listener survey for you. Then, we’ll help you understand how your show’s stats compare to other shows in its category

  • Get access to regularly updated metrics on monetization, listener demographics, and industry growth


Make engaging and monetizing your audience easy


Monetize your biggest fans

  • Put premium and archived content behind a paywall that listeners can access on the web or with their favorite podcast player. Allow them to pay for one-off episodes or buy monthly subscriptions

  • Sell t-shirts, water bottles, and other merch without worrying about the details. We’ll take care of ordering the supplies, running your store, and shipping when there’s an order.

Engage and grow your audience

  • Use our tools and templates to more easily capture listener email addresses and send them updates when there’s a new episode

  • Text your listeners to solicit feedback and submit questions with a custom pre-programmed SMS-bot

  • Let our team organize and host live events for you

Boost ad revenue

  • Make yourself discoverable for advertisers looking to increase their podcast marketing spend

  • Access affiliate marketing programs to fill your unused ad inventory

  • Don’t waste time on the backend. Use our tools and templates to quickly draft and send invoices and IOs, track ads, and to collect payments


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Questions? Reach out to amira[at]backyardmedia[dot]us for more information