Guides for Creators

Are you considering starting a podcast? Or maybe you're current podcaster who's looking to get advertisers for your show? If so, this is the place for you. As part of Backyard Media's mission to make creators' lives easier, below are a set of guides we've written for creators wanting to learn more about podcasting and podcast advertising.


The Ultimate List of Tools for Podcast Production

Anyone who gets into podcasting knows that audio takes a long time to edit and make start-to-finish. Creating a podcast is an involved process that takes lots of organization, as we talked about in our last guide. To make your podcast production easier, we’ve gathered lots of different tools that creators can use to improve their production cycle.

In this guide, we give readers a comprehensive, running list of the best resources - free and paid- that we’ve found for podcast creators.


Podcast Hosting Doesn't Need to Be Hard - Here's How to Do It

What is podcast hosting, and why is it so important? Finding the right host for your podcast is one of the first technological hurdles most creators come up against. As listeners, we don’t hear much about podcast hosting, but creators can’t have a podcast without a podcast host.

In this guide, we’ll explain what podcast hosting is for, what your options are, and how to get started with one.


Marketing Your Podcast? Here Are Three Things You Need to Do

All podcast creators want to grow their shows. Increasing the size of one’s audience from a few thousand to tens of thousands of downloads requires diligent effort and a lot of grit. Getting to that upper echelon of podcasts means you can attract more sponsors.

For current and aspiring podcast creators who want to market and grow their show effectively but don’t know where to start, this is the guide for you. Here, we discuss the three big steps creators should take to achieve impressive growth with their show.


Want to Monetize Your Podcast? First, You've Got to Track Your Downloads

If you're a podcast creator, you need to know how many people are listening to your show. Otherwise known as tracking your podcast's downloads, this process is essential for any creator who wants to monetize their podcast and building a self-sustaining show. But podcast tracking and download statistics can be confusing, and there isn't a single Google-like service for tracking podcasts.

In this guide, we discuss why tracking your downloads is important, the four different services you can use, and how to set your tracking service up.


Why Podcasts Need to Do a Listener Survey

Podcasters are always asking us, "How do I present my work and my audience so that I get the attention of really great podcast sponsors?" If you have an audience in the tens of thousands or more, doing a listener survey to understand who's tuning in should be one of the first steps you take toward podcast sponsorship.

In this guide, we discuss why it's so crucial to do a survey, how easy it is to set one up, and what podcast creators should be asking their audiences.


How to Create Your Podcast Listener Survey

For podcast creators who are looking at how to get sponsored and make their show a self-sustaining business, a listener’s survey is essential. As we noted in our last guide, a survey is useful for a number of different reasons, from understanding demographics and buying preferences to serving as a test case for listener engagement. Maybe you've read that guide and are ready to take the next step and actually make a listener survey. So, what should it actually consist of?

In this guide, we discuss the questions you should include in your survey, how to market it, and what to do with the data you receive.


A Podcaster's Guide to Podcast Sponsorship Rates

So you've started a podcast, and maybe it's going pretty well so far. But there's one problem: your podcast still isn't generating revenue. The obvious answer is podcast sponsorship. But where do you even begin?

In this guide, we explain the foundations of sponsorship and podcast sponsorship rates, including what a CPM is and what sponsors like to see in potential podcast partners. We also give examples of different levels of podcast sponsorship.


A Guide to How to Get Sponsored for New Podcasts

For many creators, an important step in building their new podcast is to get sponsorship. But for newer podcasters, the exact steps required to getting to those first few sponsors can be unclear.

In this guide, we cover the best practices you should follow to professionalize your show and appeal to potential sponsors.


5 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started My Podcast

Backyard Media is always trying to think of new ways to help independent podcast creators. Our staff writer Michael Falero, also an independent podcast creator, recently attended the Third Coast International Audio Festival in Chicago, the premiere gathering of audio professionals in the US.

In this guide, Michael offers his five key takeaways from one Third Coast panel aimed at independent podcast creators, especially those starting new podcast projects.


How Solid Organization Can Make The Difference In Your Podcast Production

Any creator who’s started a podcast knows that they have many moving parts to them. Making a podcast means brainstorming topics, conducting research, contacting guests and interviewees, setting up recording equipment, and then editing and mixing the audio until it’s perfect. It can be a lot to keep track of, and the reality is that the way you organize your podcast’s production cycle can have an impact on your finished product.

In this guide, we report on a few of our takeaways from a Third Coast 2018 session about organization led by former Gimlet Media producer Eric Mennel. We’ll talk about four ways you can better organize your podcast production and improve your show.


A Step-By-Step Guide to Making a Podcast

There are a lot of resources on the Internet for making a podcast. But how do you actually put all these tools together to get a finished podcast episode?

In this guide, we show you step-by-step how to make a narrative podcast episode, using our own in-house production process as an example. We walk through how we make our local politics podcast, Backyard Cambridge, and demonstrate how we’re using the tools mentioned in our “ultimate tools” guide.


Are you a company looking to learn more about the sponsor side of podcast advertising? Check out our guides for sponsors here.