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Making a Business of Your Podcast: Planning Membership Content

We’ve talked about how a premium membership program for your podcast can give your show a more stable source of revenue. Dedicated listeners are willing to pay for premium content, and hosts will often find their listeners want to support the show beyond listening and sharing it. To be successful, podcast creators should plan for multiple months of content before they even begin. So today we’re talking about what content you can offer and how you should think about planning your content calendar.

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Making a Business of Your Podcast: Developing Revenue Streams

Today we’re starting to tackle one of the most important questions that many podcast creators have as they build their audiences. That is, how can they turn their creative project into a sustainable business? Podcasting is still a growing field, but there are already plenty of creators out there who have made podcasting their full time job. So how did they do it? We’ll start by breaking down the four most popular ways to make money from your podcast, which together can turn a podcast into a business. And next week, we’ll dive even deeper to talk about a more nuanced way of thinking about financially sustaining your podcast in the long-term.

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The Secret to Interviewing Remote Podcast Guests: The “Double Ender” Technique

If you’ve booked an interview with an expert for the first episode of your podcast, the next question you might ask yourself is how you’ll record them while you speak to them on Skype. Thankfully, there’s a common solution that many shows employ to get a clean guest recording. Today we’ll discuss how you can avoid using phone audio in your podcast and instead make your guests sound like they’re in the studio with you using the “double ender” recording technique.

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