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Running Out of Podcast Ideas? Here's How to Find More

It happens to every podcast creator eventually. You have an off week. The ideas aren’t flowing like they usually do. You’re thinking about what to make your next podcast episode about, and you’re drawing a blank. You’re out of podcast ideas! So what should you do? Today we’re going to recommend a strategy that may seem unorthodox. In the latest in our “Thoughts from Third Coast” series, we’re talking about how you can generate new ideas for your podcast through the art of (ethical) stealing.

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A Guide to How to Get Sponsored for New Podcasts

For many creators, an important step in building their new podcast is to get sponsorship. With sponsorship you can make your podcast a self-sustaining project, and start spending money to actively grow it through your own ads and investing in equipment for your show. But for newer podcasters, the exact steps required to getting to those first few sponsors can be unclear. As part of our Podcasting 101 series for podcast creators, here’s Backyard Media’s guide for how to get sponsored.

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Why Podcasts Need to Do a Listener Survey

Podcasters are always asking us, "How do I present my work and my audience so that I get the attention of really great podcast sponsors?" If you have an audience in the tens of thousands or more, doing a listener survey to understand who's tuning in should be one of the first steps you take toward podcast sponsorship. So today we'll discuss why it's so crucial to do a survey, how easy it is to set one up, and what creators should be asking their audiences. 

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