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Making a Business of Your Podcast: Planning Membership Content

We’ve talked about how a premium membership program for your podcast can give your show a more stable source of revenue. Dedicated listeners are willing to pay for premium content, and hosts will often find their listeners want to support the show beyond listening and sharing it. To be successful, podcast creators should plan for multiple months of content before they even begin. So today we’re talking about what content you can offer and how you should think about planning your content calendar.

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Making a Business of Your Podcast: Building a Membership Program

In continuing our discussion of how creators can turn their podcast into a sustainable business, we’re talking today about membership programs. The membership model is a newer trend in podcasting, and one that more creators are turning to instead of regular podcast advertising. So what should you consider before staring a membership program for your podcast? What perks can you include to entice your listeners to join? And what’s the mindset you should have when planning to offer membership?

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