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Podcasts vs Radio: What's the Difference?

If you've been on the Internet much in the past few years, you’ve probably heard quite a bit about podcasts. Since Serial debuted in 2014, the podcast industry has seen a huge amount of growth in terms of investment, the number of industry players, and the quality of content produced. Many people getting acquainted with podcasts often ask us what differentiates podcasts from other media. So, what makes podcasts so special? What are the differences between podcasts and radio, and what do these differences mean for companies that want to advertise on podcasts? In this guide, we'll break down the most important differences for advertisers: the technology underlying podcasts, how the industry is set up, the differences in content and audience, and the overall takeaways for sponsors.

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How Podcasts Improve Your Company's Brand Lift

As a company that's starting to advertise on podcasts, you want to know that your ad campaigns will be effective. We have plenty of research that shows podcasts are the ideal digital medium to find new audiences, generate interest in your brand, and ultimately increase your sales. Brand lift, a term that involves a customer's view of a brand and their intention to buy a product, is a key step to acquiring new customers. Today we'll look at how podcasts do in terms of brand lift, and what this research means for podcast sponsors.

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5 Things Companies Need to Know Before Getting Into Podcast Sponsorship

Are you a company that's considering adding podcasts to your marketing campaigns? Podcasts are the most valuable form of digital advertising out there today. But they are also unlike any other kind of digital media. So we've put together a list of must-know items for new sponsors or companies looking into podcast sponsorship. Here are five things that companies need to know before they get into podcast advertising: two decisions they should make about their campaigns, and three points to understand about podcasts as a medium.

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