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How to Find Freelance Help for Your Podcast

Producing your podcast can be an involved process. There’s audio to edit, show notes to write, marketing materials to make, as well as a website to set up and a media host to maintain. If you’re a podcast creator going it alone, it’s a good idea to outsource some of these tasks while you focus on the content of your show. Below are some types of jobs you might want to hire a freelancer to do, as well as where to find freelancers and what to consider while posting a freelance job.

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How to Make Your Podcast Sound Better with Simple EQ Techniques

With podcasts and any kind of audio, the raw sound you record is rarely going to be the end product that people hear. There are a number of post production effects, also known as FX, that can help you craft a more pleasing sound for your podcast. Today we’re explaining one of the most basic types of processing: equalization, or EQ. We’ll cover the EQ steps that every podcast creator should be taking with their vocal tracks in order to achieve a better and more professional sound.

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How to Normalize Your Podcast Audio, and Why You Need To Do It

New podcast creators often find that making a podcast involves a lot of steps. Some are expected, like using an audio editor to cut your podcast together. Some are less obvious, like normalizing your podcast’s audio. What does normalizing a podcast's levels, also called Loudness normalization, actually mean? Why should creators care about this process, and how exactly do they do it? Today, we’ll give a short explanation of what Loudness is, as well as a step-by-step guide for how to normalize your podcast.

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The Ultimate List of Tools for Podcast Production

Anyone who gets into podcasting knows that audio takes a long time to edit and turn into an actual story. Creating a podcast is an involved process that takes grit and a good bit of organization, as we talked about in our last guide. To make your podcast production easier, we’ve gathered lots of different tools that creators can use to improve their production cycle.

Below is our running list of some of the best resources - free and paid - that will make podcast production less of a hassle and hopefully more enjoyable.

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How Solid Organization Can Make The Difference In Your Podcast Production

Any creator who’s started a podcast knows that they have many moving parts to them. It can be a lot to keep track of, and the reality is that the way you organize your podcast’s production cycle can have an impact on your finished product. As part of our “Thoughts from Third Coast” series of guides, today we’re reporting on a few takeaways from a Third Coast 2018 session about organization led by former Gimlet Media producer Eric Mennel. We’ll talk about the four ways you can better organize your podcast production and improve your show.

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