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Join a community of podcasters. Showcase your work. Discover other great creators.

Get discovered: Build a creator profile to showcase your work and invite other creators to recommend you. Make yourself searchable, based on your skills and ambitions.

Find your people and collaborate with them: Find help with your latest project, whether it’s to cross-promote your show, get a tape sync, or hire an editor when in a pinch.

Help when you need it: Tap into a library of resources and a pool of people who have been in your shoes before.

Tools built for podcasters: We’ll build, run, and analyze your listener survey and transcribe your audio.


[ Who is this for? ]

If you’re in podcasting in any way, this is the place for you. Here’s how we can help:

  • I’m an indie podcaster, looking to build a career in the industry:

    • Build a portfolio others can search for that shows off your work, your skills, and your location. Show off the pieces you’re proudest of and get outreach from producers looking to hire.

    • Access a community that doesn’t go away once a conference is over. Find other podcasters - from vets to newbies - who are finding their way in the industry and are looking to mentor, get mentored, or collaborate

  • I run a podcast with a small-to-medium size listenership, and loyal audience:

    • Create a show profile that’s easily searchable by the general public and advertisers

    • Cross-promote your show with other similar podcasts

    • Connect with others podcasters in a searchable forum where you can ask questions to folks who have been in your shoes

    • Run a listener survey without any of the work - we’ll build, run, and analyze it for you.

    • Tap into a library of resources on best practices for audience engaging, building, and monetizing your audience. Figure out how others get the most out of their Patreon, set up live shows, and run their merchandise store. .

  • I run a podcasting network or studio, and I hate dealing with all the operational nitty gritty: Oh, we’re here for you. In addition to all of the above and below, we craft custom packages with services like live event coordination, managing your merch store, and creating an app.


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Questions? Reach out to amira[at]backyardmedia[dot]us for more information