Resources for Sponsors

When it comes to the podcast advertising industry, it can feel like there's so much to learn and that the information available is scattered across the web. We at Backyard Media have been immersed in the industry data and research for a while, and we thought it might be a good idea to pull together in one place everything that we've found useful. Below is a list of resources that potential sponsors should find helpful as a first step into podcast advertising.


Backyard Media Resources - The Fundamentals


Backyard Media Resources - Listenership, Brand Impact and ROI


Backyard Media Resources - Industry Trends and Developments


Podcast Industry Research

  • The Podcast Consumer 2017 (Edison Research) - The industry standard for understanding podcast audience demographics and habits, part of the Infinite Dial 2017 survey.
  • The Infinite Dial 2017 (Edison Research) - Edison Research's full digital media survey, including sources such as internet radio and streaming TV. (See Backyard Media's analysis of this research here)
  • IAB Podcast Advertising Revenue Study (June 2017) (IAB/PwC) - Research of industry-wide podcast advertising revenue, including forecasts for 2017, as well as an analysis of podcast advertising trends. (See Backyard Media's analysis of this research here)
  • Report on Public Media's Most Engaged Listeners (November 2017) (Edison Research/Knight Foundation) - Executive summary of a survey of the listening habits of 28,000 public media listeners. (See Backyard Media's analysis of this research here)
  • Podcast Brand Lift Study (2016) (Edison Research/PodcastOne) - A summary of three studies done to measure how podcast ads positively impact likelihood to purchase, brand awareness, and brand recall. (See Backyard Media's analysis of this research here)


Podcast Industry News